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More About Working Together




Many authors are unsure of what type of editing they need. Sample edits help clarify the type and level of edit required, and give an accurate sense of cost and timeline.

Sample edits are free of charge and are returned with edits and comments intact. There is no obligation to pursue my services.

+ How Will You Edit My Work?

For line and copy editing projects, I edit in Microsoft Word using the Track Changes feature.

Proofreading jobs are completed using print-ready files, such as PDF.

+ Which Styles Do You Work In?

I am familiar with many major style guides, including The Chicago Manual of Style, The Canadian Style, Editing Canadian English, The Canadian Press Stylebook, and MLA. I also work from in-house style guides.

+ What Type of Work Do You Edit?

I provide editorial solutions for publishers and independent authors of literary fiction, specializing in magical realism and urban fantasy. This includes both short stories and novel-length works.

+ Will You Rewrite My Work?

Never! I always respect an author’s unique style and do not create content, change meaning, or rearrange your story to suit personal taste.

I will make suggestions and corrections, and may rework a sentence or paragraph so it reads more effectively. If a deeper level of edit is needed I will flag for your attention and explain my reasoning.


+ Why Charge Per Hour?

Each author’s style is unique, and one individual's 50,000 words may need more work than another’s. Charging by the hour is fairest to both parties.

I have priced my services based on experience and industry averages given by the Editorial Freelancers Association.

+ How Do You Determine Estimates?

Estimates are based on industry averages of pages/hour. Copy editing is typically 4 to 6 pages/hour, while proofreading is 9 to 13 pages/hour.

This amount will vary depending on the quality of the writing, as well as length and complexity of the manuscript. Sample edits are of great help in determining an accurate estimate.

+ How Does Payment Work?

For publishers, payment is due 30 days after receipt of invoice. For After we have agreed to a service and timeline, 50% of the estimate is due up front. Once the job is complete, I will recalculate the cost based on actual time spent. (The deposit will be deducted from the final invoice.) I am open to flexible payment plans in some cases; please indicate if this is something you would like to discuss.

Forms of payment accepted are bank transfer or PayPal.

+ Which Currency Do You Use?

All prices listed on my site are in Canadian (CAD) dollars. The appropriate tax rate (dependent on your location) is also added to all projects.

If you have further questions regarding my experience or how I work, please get in touch. Response time is typically within 24 hours.