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Many authors are unsure of what type of editing they really need. I am more than happy to provide a sample edit to help clarify the type and level of edit, as well as give a sense of the overall cost and timeline for the project.

For sample edits, I ask for 10 pages (half from the beginning, and half from the middle) of a finished manuscript. I then evaluate the level of edit required, and determine the approximate amount of pages I can complete in an hour.

Sample edits are done free of charge and will be returned with edits and comments intact. There is no obligation to pursue my services. Learn more about a free sample edit.

+ How Will You Edit My Work?

For longer works, I prefer to edit either in Microsoft Word (using the Track Changes feature) or on PDF. Some works, particularly short stories, can be done through Google Docs.

+ Which Styles Do You Work In?

I am familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style, The Canadian Style, Editing Canadian English, The Canadian Press Stylebook, MLA, and can also work from in-house style guides.

+ What Type of Work Do You Edit?

I provide copy editing and proofreading services for short stories, fiction, non-fiction, academic texts, reports and manuals, website copy, and blog posts.

+ Will You Rewrite My Work?

Never! An author’s unique style is always respected, and I will not change it or the story. I will make suggestions and corrections, and sometimes rework a sentence or paragraph so it reads more effectively. I do not create content, change meaning, or rearrange your story to suit personal taste.


+ Why Charge Per Hour?

Each author’s style is unique, and one individual's 50,000 words may require more work than another’s. Charging by the hour is fairest to both parties.

+ How Do You Determine Estimates?

Estimates are based on industry averages of pages/hour. Copy editing is typically 4 to 6 pages/hour, while proofreading is 9 to 13 pages/hour.

This amount will vary depending on the quality of the writing. Sample edits are of great help in determining an accurate estimate.

+ How Does Payment Work?

For publishers, payment is due 30 days after receipt of invoice. For all other clients, payment is due within 10 days after issue of invoice.

After the estimate has been provided and the contract signed, 50% is due up front. The rest, re-calculated once the job is complete, is due once the final invoice is received and before the completed document is returned. For late payments, an interest rate of 1% is charged per month. (For special cases, I am open to more flexible payment plans.)

Forms of payment accepted are cheque, bank transfer, and PayPal.

+ Which Currency Do You Use?

Please note that all prices listed on my services page are in Canadian (CAD) dollars. Depending on your location, the appropriate tax rate will also be added to all projects.

If you have further questions regarding my experience or how I work, please get in touch. Response time is typically within 24 hours.