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Full Line & Copy Edit

Sentence-Level Editing for Clarity

Are You Ready for a Full Line & Copy Edit?

No matter how spectacular the story or how compelling the characters, readers won’t stick around if they can’t immerse themselves in your prose.

A full line and copy edit is best once you’re happy with the structure and narrative. You’re now ready to focus on removing any distractions caused by repetition or grammar issues.

What’s Involved

1. A line-by-line edit

Reading each word, one line at a time, I will focus on the clarity and flow of your manuscript. This involves a close look at:

  • overall formatting;

  • dialogue, including use of tags and proper punctuation;

  • authentic phrasing;

  • confusion in tense or point of view;

  • proper paragraph and section breaks;

  • consistency in spelling and syntax, as well as capitalization and hyphenation;

  • repetition and overly verbose passages;

  • word choice; and

  • issues with plot and character development.

2. A style sheet

I will create a comprehensive style sheet which outlines decisions about capitalization, spelling, hyphenation, numbering, and any other textual concerns.

3. An editorial letter

Also included is a short (approx. three to five pages) editorial letter outlining any observations or concerns which arose during the editing process.

Investment: $45/hour