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Manuscript Evaluation

A Fresh Perspective When You Need it Most

Are You Ready for a Manuscript Evaluation?

Stuck on a particular draft? While frustrating, don’t give up! A manuscript evaluation will act as a road map for getting through the next round of rewrites.

This service is best once you have completed at least two to three drafts. Why? The first few drafts—especially the first—are for you to work out the story and the characters. I can get the best sense of a novel after these things are further developed.

What’s Involved

1. A thorough, critical read

I will comb through your manuscript, reviewing writing technique and narrative style (voice). I will also pay attention to:

  • Structure and Organization

  • Exposition

  • Pacing and Flow

  • Clarity of Ideas

  • Point of View

  • Characterization

2. An in-depth editorial report

Averaging ten to fifteen pages, my report will emphasize the strengths of your manuscript and identify any problems or areas of weakness. I will provide recommendations to further develop the manuscript, using examples from your work.

Manuscript evaluations are meant to be positive, and I will always respect your vision and unique style. Please note I am only evaluating your work and will not make any edits to the manuscript itself.

Investment: $300-$800 read fee (depending on length and complexity of manuscript), then $50/hour for evaluation and writing of report. Please send a sample for a confirmed quote.