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Mini Line & Copy Edit

Find Your Way After the First 10K


Are You Ready for a Mini Line & Copy Edit?

If you’re not yet ready to commit to a full line and copy edit, and feel you’re further along than a manuscript evaluation, this service is for you.

Working with the first 10,000 words of your novel, I will do a sentence-level edit and flag any issues. You may then use my feedback as a guide. I also ask for a short synopsis to gain a sense of the overall narrative.

What’s Involved

1. A line-by-line edit of the first 10,000 words

Reading each word, one line at a time, I will focus on the clarity and flow of your manuscript. I will use Word’s Track Changes so you can clearly see any sentence recasts or edits to grammar I’ve suggested. I’ll also ensure the style of the document is consistent throughout.

2. An editorial report

The aim of the report is to help you apply anything you’ve learned from my edits to the rest of your manuscript.

I’ll highlight what is working, as well as what isn’t, with particular attention to:

  • dialogue;

  • authentic phrasing and word choice;

  • confusion in tense or point of view;

  • proper paragraph and section breaks;

  • consistency in spelling and syntax, as well as capitalization and hyphenation;

  • repetition and overly verbose passages;

  • word choice; and

  • issues with plot and character development.

 Investment: $250