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What Past Clients Say About Their Experience

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“Jennifer’s on-time, professional, and comprehensive editing service has made refining our manuscripts a breeze instead of a burden! Her attention to detail catches the small things that make a difference in polishing a book to a shine. The value she places on preserving our voice, style, and vision are invaluable.

Jennifer will not make unnecessary editorial changes for the sake of appearances or to increase her profit margin. You can trust that the work she does is exactly what your manuscript needs to sing, and that it is offered at competitive value pricing! We heartily recommend Jennifer’s services to writers in need of help over the hump.”



“Working with Jennifer was so easy and positive. Never having had anything professionally edited before I was a little nervous about the whole thing, but Jennifer is amazing.

In the Manuscript Evaluation she helped me strengthen weak characters and plotlines, and in the final Copy Edit she polished the manuscript into a publish-ready book. Everything was done on budget and on time in a professional manner.”

— M.E. Golesworthy, author of “The Parade”


“Jennifer was an absolute pleasure to work with. She completed the project on time, offered valuable insight, and was agreeable when I threw last-minute changes at her. She is smart and sweet, and extremely professional. I would highly recommend her services!”

—Heather McKenzie, Author


“From the get go, Jennifer has been very generous of her time and has provided sound advice that helped me bring my novel to a new level, one that made potential publishers look at my work seriously. Her comments have always been delicately phrased with an effort to enhance the quality of the writing, of the scenes, and of the overall suspense. I could hardly have hoped for better.”

—Olivier Mesly, Writer


“Jennifer has provided me with valuable editorial assistance. Beyond the mechanics — spelling and grammar — she has helped me hone my style and better focus on imparting the story in a logical, concise manner. She is that unbiased third party looking over my shoulder, helping me to stay on track. I consider her review a critical step in perfecting my work. I recommend Jennifer as an editor and I, for one, will be back.”

—William Quincy Belle, Writer

“I really appreciated the fact that Jennifer communicated with me! I felt she constantly gave me the feedback I needed, that challenged me, and that has definitely helped my writing.”

—Rob Russell, Writer


“I hired Jennifer to conduct a manuscript evaluation, and our communications were always prompt, pleasant, and professional. I was stunned by the detail in the evaluation and the honesty Jennifer provided. ...[N]ot only was her evaluation spot on, she provided in-depth detail of what was lacking. She found holes in my plot and guided me in bringing my characters to life.

I truly believe Jennifer's insight helped make my book the best it could be. I will definitely use her services again as I found her manuscript evaluation immeasurable and it helped immensely. There is no doubt Jennifer is the best at what she does.”

—Ed Kelly, Author of Addiction & Pestilence


“Jennifer’s comments made me look at aspects of my story with a totally different perspective. Jennifer is a great teacher!”

—Catherine Wilding, Writer

“Thanks to Jennifer for being so accurate, and for her patience. Her attention to detail is unequalled. This book had been such a long adventure, and she saved it when I was losing hope. I look forward to working with her again.”

—Sheila Capodanno, Reality TV Star and Author of Sheilaful!

“Jennifer Dinsmore is a very talented and amazing writer, and she improved my work enormously. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to add flare, edit, or proof any work as she delivered on my project. She communicated very well from the start and met the deadlines. She was also very responsive and certainly wanted to help in every way. Can't thank Jennifer enough.”

—Andy Eastoe, The Pole Room

“I just completed my first book and Jennifer played a key role in shaping it. Very easy to deal with and delivers when she says she will. I have no hesitation in recommending Jennifer!”

—James Boyd, Author of Project Management is People Management


“I employed Jennifer’s services for one of my clients. I found her work to be excellent and she was prompt and professional throughout the process.”

—Jennifer Murray, Porch Light Consulting