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Jennifer Dinsmore

Freelance Editor & Certified Proofreader



Reading and writing have been my lifelong passions. I spent my childhood devouring, creating, and acting out stories. When teachers called for peer-editing I was that classmate who actually returned papers with corrections.

Becoming an editor only felt natural.

I have a BA(Hons.) in English Literature from Trent University and a certificate in Creative Book Publishing from Humber College. I began to learn the business of publishing as an editorial assistant, and am an active member of Editors Canada as well as a certified proofreader.

I loved my career, but after working for a variety of companies I began to crave more freedom for my creativity. In 2015, Jennifer Dinsmore Editorial was born.

Since then, I have worked for a wide variety of publishers, independent authors, and organizations. Clients love my professional, friendly service, and I have developed a reputation as a reliable editor with a sharp eye for detail.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of spending my days as I’ve always dreamed: immersed in words and stories.

Jennifer is an outstanding editor and consummate professional who delivers top-notch services. She’s performed her editorial magic for over a dozen of our … clients, and all been most impressed and grateful for her assistance.

— Irene Merritt, formerly of Humber Publishing Services

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