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Copy Editing

Manuscript Evaluation

Short Story Critique

Hiring an editor is a nerve-wracking experience, I get it. This may be the first time you are showing your words to anyone. Or you need the level of quality you’re used to, and your customers expect.

Due to my experience within and knowledge of the publishing industry, as well as my love for writing, I am uniquely positioned. In hiring me you can rest assured you are getting a professional, friendly, and thorough service. I promise to carefully consider clients’ ideas and words, and do my best to help create the quality of work originally envisioned. (Questions? Please see the FAQ.)


“Jennifer is a consistent and detailed editor. She is a consummate professional and communicates well with authors and publishers alike. Her queries to authors are considered and well-formed, and she picks up on changes a less-experienced editor would overlook.”

—Blake Sproule, Editor at Playwrights Canada Press

Proofreading — $35/hour

Unfortunately, spell check cannot always be relied upon. When proofreading I will look for basic spelling and grammar issues, as well as typesetting errors, misplaced punctuation, and consistency in style and formatting.

This process also includes:

  • aligning text;
  • ensuring consistency in page numbers and running heads;
  • marking changes in illustrations and tables;
  • checking the correctness of table of contents and cross-references;
  • marking illogical, repeated, or missing text and dropped lines.

Proofreading is typically the final stage of the editing process, and I do not recommend it for authors who have not yet completed a thorough copy edit.

Copy Editing — $45/hour

Attention spans are short these days, so when copy editing I will work to ensure your writing is refined, effective, and clear—keeping the attention of your readers.

Overall, copy editing is the process of refining grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style. It may also involve ensuring consistency of facts, marking of head levels and placement of art, inserting citations, and checking for continuity.

Depending on the project, this process also includes:

  • applying consistent style to the treatment of numbers and tables;
  • checking tense, wordiness, and repetition;
  • confirming tone is appropriate for target audience;
  • obtaining or listing permissions;
  • smoothing transitions between sections, chapters, etc.

All copy-editing projects will be returned with a style sheet, except when one is provided. For longer projects I will provide weekly or biweekly updates to address specific concerns and provide general feedback.

Manuscript Evaluation — $750*

Stuck on a particular draft? Don’t give up! I will provide a detailed and customized review on:

  • content and characterization
  • structure and plot
  • dialogue
  • setting
  • pacing and point of view
  • exposition and style

My report will emphasize the strengths of your manuscript, and identify any problems or areas of weakness. I will also provide recommendations to further develop the manuscript, which may include editorial issues such as clarity, voice (narrative style), and writing technique. I can, of course, also respond to specific questions or concerns.

Manuscript evaluations are meant to be positive, and I will always respect your vision and unique style. Any recommendations given will include examples and references from the manuscript. Please note I am only evaluating your work, and will not make any edits to the manuscript itself.

*For manuscripts of 80,000 words. For every 5,000 words over, an additional charge of $100 will apply; for every 5,000 under, $100 will be deducted.

Short Story Critique — $100

Do you wonder if your story is any “good”? If it’s ready to submit for publication or to a contest?

This is where I come in. 

As with a manuscript evaluation I will read through your short story, keeping in mind style, structure, setting, dialogue, and characters. I will help identify which elements are working well, and which are not.